Muffler Repair in Goleta CA

How do you know your muffler is malfunctioning? There are a few things you can look out for to know when you need to schedule muffler maintenance. If you think it’s time to have your exhaust system looked at, schedule an appointment at A&E Automotive in Goleta, Ca

Your car’s muffler influences both the performance of your car and the surrounding environment. So no wonder it’s one of the most regulated parts of your car—if it’s not working properly, it can cause discomfort to both you and people around you. A faulty muffler can directly cause dangerous carbon monoxide gas to enter your car’s cabin. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can cause illness and even death!

If you want to improve the gas mileage with your vehicle, you may want to consider installing some sort of high flow exhaust system. With a high flow exhaust system, you will be able to make your engine “breathe” better. By doing this, you will be able to increase your vehicles horsepower, as well as increasing gas mileage.

Your exhaust system is more than a muffler. It is a series of pipes that run under your car, connected to your muffler and catalytic converter. The main function of your exhaust system is to control noise and to funnel exhaust fumes away from passengers.

Mufflers are typically installed along the exhaust pipe as part of the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine (of a vehicle, or stationary) to reduce its exhaust noise. The muffler accomplishes this with a resonating chamber, which is specifically tuned to cause destructive interference, where opposite sound waves cancel each other out. Catalytic converters also often have a muffling effect. The effect is mainly generated largely by restriction, rather than by cancellation.

The exhaust parts, especially the performance mufflers together with exhaust parts, do improve the efficiency of a car. You should keep in mind that they do not add any extra power in your car when you install them. Rather those performance mufflers actually improve the efficiency of your car.

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